Cold weather, cold water fish

I love to fish for trout, a species not readily available in the Pierre area…until April. It’s a time I look forward to every year. While making it out to the Black Hills for some of the best trout fishing in the country is always a must, I never pass up the chance to catch a few bows with Oahe dam at my back.

Pierre is one the many towns benefiting from Game, Fish and Parks attempts to bring more fishing opportunities to South Dakota communities. Making trout available to shore anglers at Oahe Marina will make trout fishing in the Pierre area more accessible to anyone who likes to fish. This fish will eventually migrate out of the marina and towards LaFramboise Causeway, where even more fishing opportunities await.

While they released the fish on Thursday, I did not have the chance to get out until Friday. Of course, I forgot my camera, but caught six nice rainbows. With another snow storm fast approaching, there were few others at the marina. Generally, however, residents will line the shoreline, looking for a chance at a tasty trout. It’s really great to see parents and their kids out on the water for a few hours of fishing. These fish are ready to feed, and will provide kids with a great fishing experience.

After waiting out the snow storm, and buidling the last snowman of the year, I ventured out for one last carck at the Oahe Marina rainbows. 

Pre-fish ritual


With the winds blowing about 30 mph, I had little success with the fly rod.  I finally broke down and

tossed old reliable at em.  This trout took the little red and white daredevil.  Before then, I was being out-fished by the seagulls!  Probably by this loon too. 

A trout is a trout, no matter how smallhard-working Loon 
Most of the fish had already moved out of the marina.  With the poor weather, I doubt that many of them saw the frying pan.  None of mine did.  My hope for these fish is that they utilize the cold water of the tailrace to grow big and strong.  Maybe some day I’ll see them again, when they search for the warm water of Oahe Marina after ice out. 

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