Top 10 Spring Things to Experience in South Dakota

Spring is an amazing time of year.  Cabin fever is running high, and people just can’t wait to get outside.  Here is a list of my favorite outdoor activities to experience this spring. 

10.  South Dakota Events:  While not all spring events are centered around the great outdoors, there are many that bring visitors outside to experience history, culture and great South Dakota hospitality. 
Great Events

9.  State Parks:  Beautiful, scerene, peaceful.  Need I say more?
Parks and Recreation Areas

8.  Golf:  While snow continues to blanket much of the state, our golf courses are just itching to open up.  Don’t forget the clubs on your next trip to South Dakota. 
Golf Course Guide

7.  Hunting:  Spring geese and turkeys are ubundant in South Dakota.  Great time to enjoy the outdoors.
Spring Hunting

6.  Paddling:  Pristine lakes and powerful rivers await canoeing/kayaking enthusiasts in South Dakota. 
Canoeing/Kayaking in South Dakota

5.  Birding/Wildlife Watching:  This is a fun activity for the novice or experience wildlife watcher.  Amazing opportunties and unbelievable wildlife await!

4.  Outdoor Photography:  Again, for photographers of all experience levels.  This makes for a great day outside, and can be coupled with other activities. 
Outdoor Photography

3.  Hiking:  Whether you take on the challenge of the Badlands or Black Elk Wilderness Area, or just venture out into the many state parks, hiking can be as educational as it is healthy. 
Hiking the State Parks

2.  Biking:  The Mickelson Trail provides bikers with an easy to moderate ride and scenery that can’t be beat.  The state parks aren’t bad either.
Mickelson Trail
Biking in South Dakota

1.  Fishing:  I love to fish!  Since the season never closes in South Dakota, it’s always fun to enjoy open water fishing after ice out.  Trout, walleye, bass, northern, salmon, catfish, the list goes on and on. 







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3 responses to “Top 10 Spring Things to Experience in South Dakota

  1. Lon

    Hi Buddy: I’m traveling to Deadwood in the next couple of weeks and am wondering where you suggest I go fishing. I’ll take on anything that bites, just so I can say “look at that!” I have everything washed/cleaned up and ready for the trip.
    Lon, MN

    • bseiner

      Hey Lon,

      Looking for anything huh? Trout are the most sought after species in the hills, although there are opportunities for walleye and northern in a few of the surrounding lakes. Being in Deadwood, you’ll be close to one of the premier trout streams in the midwest, Spearfish Creek. You’ll also be relatively close to other great fishing spots.

      Belle Fourche Reservoir, east of Belle Fourche has excellent walleye, northern and catfish fishing, especially this time of year with the fish in shallow water.

      Crow Creek, near McNenny State Fish Hatchery on exit 2, is a great spot to wet a fly line. Big rainbows and browns live in there, it just might take a bit of walking to find them.

      You’ll also be close to one of my favorite lakes to fish, Deerfield Res. This is one of the larger lakes in the Hills and has great brook and rainbow trout fishing. You’ll even find an occasional perch or rock bass in the bays.

      As far as what to use, and presentation goes, that can get a bit more technical. Send me an email if you’d like more information and I will go more in depth for you. Thanks Lon!

      BJS –

    • bseiner


      I forgot to mention that they’ve been getting a lot of snow lately. Access may be a bit more difficult than usual. There may also be ice on Deerfield, but it should be open by the time you go out. I can check on those conditions at a later date if you would like.


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