Conversation with a guide

Ice fishing Northeast South Dakota

I had the opportunity to speak with Doug Johnson, owner of the Sportsman’s Cove in Webster and avid ice fisherman. Not wanting to give away all the information, Doug was still able to give a good look into some major hot spots. Here is the latest information straight from the mouth of a 100 percent, non-lying fisherman.

The recent snow coverage has made it hard to access the lakes. But fear not, by Thursday there should be some paths cleared to Reetz, Pickerel and Waubay lakes. All three of these lakes are averaging about 25 inches of ice, making it more than drive-able. Reetz and Pickerel lakes have been producing lots of perch in the 10” to 12” range. These lakes have also seen occasional walleye.

Waubay lake should have some access ways plowed for vehicles by Thursday as well. This lake has had an active early morning and evening walleye bite. Teardrop jigs tipped with larvae or wax worms seem to be the trick for bait


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