Geocaching in South Dakota

Geocaching is a high-tech form of the age-old hide-and-seek game. This new recreational pastime has fit South Dakota so well that you would think the game was born here. Here’s how it works.

With a global positioning system, or GPS, a “hider” can go to a certain location and know the exact coordinates. The hider can upload the coordinates to a variety of internet sites and give a clue to the location. The finder then puts the coordinates into his/her GPS and finds the exact spot or geocache.

In this way, many sites in South Dakota have become much easier to find. It has also kept alive many historic sites that would have otherwise slipped into oblivion, to be forever lost. Everything from old battle sites, Lewis and Clark lookouts, and state parks can be found by Geocaching.

Geocaching creates the perfect pastime for those who seek adventure. The geocacher may find himself/herself on a two lane dirt road in the middle of South Dakota and suddenly discover an old USGS survey plate, long forgotten on the lonely prairie.  

Another exciting aspect of the game is to take something from the geocache and leave an item of your own. In this way, there is always something exciting to find while pursuing the coordinates. 

There are many websites available for those wishing to go on a geocaching adventure. Of course the game is world-wide but South Dakota specific geocaching sites are available.

Below is a list of my favorites:

Whether you plan on staying close to home or traveling across the state, geocaching will get you out of the house and on an adventure to some exciting place. And in geocaching everyone wins!


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