Success in South Dakota

Dear South Dakota,
Thought you might appreciate this.  I just returned from a FANTASTIC hunt December 9-12, 2010 where we hunt exclusively on SD Walk-In land (notice the sign in the background of the attached photo).  I want to thank the state of South Dakota for the opportunity of enjoying another year of fabulous Pheasant hunting on public land.  I’ve been hunting SD since 1976 and this was one of the best years of hunting.

Check out the Brits!



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3 responses to “Success in South Dakota

  1. MJ Trimble

    Nice of you to send the Thank You note to South Dakota. We in
    Illinois can appreciate the use of Public Lands and the states that
    afford people the opportunity to access them. Way to go S.D.
    Great Picture, too. Love those Britts.
    MJ Trimble

  2. It’s great to see hunters out enjoying South Dakotas pheasant hunting with their Brittanys! Steve Ralph is a wonderful representative of the American Brittany Club and a very hard worker, so it’s nice to see him enjoying his Brittanys doing what they are supposed to do – HUNT! I wish every state would follow in South Dakotas footsteps with state land available to hunt.

  3. Great to see people taking advantage of all the public opportunity in the state. Not only do we have the best private pheasant hunting but also the best public hunting in the country.

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