Flooding and Fishing

In response to the many inquiries I have received about recreation and fishing on the Missouri River. 

These are truly extraordinary times. A crystal ball reader, soothsayer, seer, or genie could not have predicted a flood below a controlled dam. But here we are, watching the water slowly rise into backyards, parks, and homes. Right now it seems as though the water is winning but there are a species benefiting; the fish.

I don’t want to downplay the destruction that the flood is causing…with no end in sight right now. I have been sandbagging friends’ homes for five days now. However, I do want to provide accurate information on the flood situation and how it is affecting our campgrounds, boat docks, and water safety on all parts of theMissouri River.

Currently Governor Daugaard has issued a no boating or recreation policy in effect from below Oahe Dam to Antelope Creek. The water above Oahe Dam is high but it is also safe and open to boating, fishing, and recreation. South Dakotagame fish and parks offers boat dock access information at: http://gfp.sd.gov/fishing-boating/boating/default.aspx

The area from Yankton toSioux Cityis also under a no use policy until further notice. Even with these two major areas affected, there are plenty of campgrounds, resorts, and facilities open on theMissouri River. The fishing is great and the water is safe.

I would recommend checking with the area you plan on vacationing before visiting, for any accurate and up to date information. All of South Dakotais not flooding, neither is all of the Missouri River. However, any help sandbagging would be much appreciated in those areas, especially on your way to a great fishing trip. Just a few hours of volunteerism would go a long way in solving many flooding issues.

Nobody expected the towns of Pierre and Fort Pierre to be flooded. However, at this time it does not warrant canceling a vacation to your favorite Missouri River location (other than the two mentioned above.) The fish are doing quite well and as far as South Dakotans go, we will work together sandbagging, sump pumping and levy building to secure our friends’ and families’ homes.

These are extraordinary times. Use caution, seek out accurate information, help your neighbor, and enjoy the singular and awesome beauty of South Dakota’s waters.


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