August 29th Fishing Update

Fishing On The River Is The Best Ever!

If you haven’t made that trip to Central South Dakota to fish theMissouri River, you’re missing out on some great action!

A reminder to all you pheasant hunters out there – opening weekend is coming up fast – October 15 in fact. Have you made your reservations? Check out our Virtual Travel Planner to book that trip now – we have some of the best outfitters, lodges, restaurants, hotels, resorts and guides in the business! Remember, you can book a hunting and fishing combination trip – awesome!

Campgrounds along the river that were flooding are opening again and the boat ramps are also starting to become usable once more. Please go to parks and check out the latest report.

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Lake Oahe 

In the Pollock area fishing is has slowed down a bit, but they are still catching fish. Walleye have not been cooperating like they should, but other species are doing very well – crappie, northern and bass.  Anglers are pulling plugs in 10-30 feet of water. Shore fishing is also going strong.

 At Mobridge fishing is good – with some areas a bit slower at times. But, limits are still coming in. Main bait being used is crawlers and spinners or bottom bouncers in 10-30 feet. Fish seem to be all over the river system – the big thing is finding them. Smallmouth and pike are still being caught.

At Akaska  fishing is going well – limits are coming in daily. Anglers are using crawlers with some pulling plugs in around 22 feet. Fishing are healthy and looking good.

At Gettysburg  there is plenty of access and they’re still catching plenty of fish – in fact things haven’t changed in the last week. Anglers are using crawlers in about 30 feet. You can get your boat on the river anywhere here. Smallmouth are being caught too.

Around Spring CreekCow Creek the fishing this summer has been great and it seems to be continuing that way. Anglers are fishing in 10-30 feet using live bait and pulling plugs. The crankbaits are working well in the trees for the big walleye, but just know you’ll lose lures also! Areas that are good include anywhere from theCheyenne down to the dam. Boating restrictions at West Shore Boat Ramp above the Oahe Dam are off starting today (Monday.) Salmon fishing is still slow.

Lake Sharpe

 NOTE – The Governor has lifted the no boating zones that were enacted due to the hazards caused by the summer flooding. Starting at 8 a.m. this morning (Monday) the restriction will be lifted from below the Oahe Dam. The flood waters have receded significantly and these areas no longer offer those hazards. But, boaters should remain cautious because of higher than normal water levels, changes in the river channel, sandbars, underwater hazards and floating debris that may persist on this portion of theMissouri River.

Fishing at the Oahe Dam Tailrace has been good for all species, so you shore fisherman should head to that area.

On Lake Sharpe the docks are back in atFarm Island. Fishing in HippleLake is very good using live bait in 10-12 feet. GF&P has started to open a few campsites at Farm Island – again, go to the link we have listed above to find out what areas are open on the entire river system. The water is starting to go down slowly.

At West Bend there have been anglers doing well and the current is going down as the water recedes.  Anglers are using spinners with crawlers, Lindy rigs and crankbaits. Now’s the time to come to the Pierre/Fort Pierre area – especially in the middle of the week when there is less traffic.

Lake Sharpe is still going well for walleye, smallmouth and white bass.

Francis Case

Around Chamberlain  the bite is not going down on Lake Sharpe and Francis Case. This is one of the best years for fishing that Francis Case has seen. The water level is dropping, with fishing going very well. Anglers are fishing along the banks and high points in the river. It’s going well both north and south of Chamberlain and you can launch your boat with no problem! Water levels are dropping so access is getting better all the time. Fishing on Francis Case is also going well in 10-25 feet using crawlers, with some pulling crankbaits. Anglers are also catching smallmouth and white bass. Late summer fishing should be very good in this area!

 In the Platte  area fishing still remains good. There is lots of water on Francis Case and fish are everywhere here too. Anglers are pulling plugs over the mud flats in around 15-20 feet. Access is good now as all ramps are open! The water is starting to go down here too.

At the Pickstown – WagnerLake Andes area walleye fishing on Lake Francis Case is slowing a bit. The fish are big and fat. Ramps are open in this area also. The area from White Swan to the Wheeler area seems to be one of the best areas, fishing in the main current. Most are fishing in about 20-25 feet pulling plugs. Shore fishing is still very good below the dam for walleye and perch.

Around Lewis & Clark Lake they are catching walleye in less than 10 feet on the bottom.

On the Missouri River all species seem to be going really well using live bait.

Springfield Area – a few walleye are being caught.

On LakeYankton they are catching lots of catfish using live bait rigs.

*Please remember that the fishing conditions on the Missouri River change constantly and this report is simply a guideline – a snapshot in time.*

For more information and up-to-the-minute reports on fishing Lake Oahe, please call West Pollock Resort, 605-889-2448; Kemnitz MoRest Motel in Mobridge at 605-845-3668. At Akaska call Akaska Bait Shop at 605-649-7847. Call Bob’s Resort at 605-765-2500 or South Whitlock Resort at 605-765-9762 inGettysburg. On the lower end ofLakeOahe, call Spring Creek Resort at 605-224-8336, Outpost Lodge at 605-264-5450 and Lake Oahe/Lake Sharpe call Carl’s Bait Shop at 605-223-9453. On Lake Francis Case, contact the Platte Chamber of Commerce at 888-297-8175, Fort Randall Bait & Tackle at 605-487-7760 in Pickstown and Circle H Motel inLakeAndesat 605-487-7652.



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