A South Dakota Tradition!

In a few short days, old friends will reunite and families will gather for what South Dakotans consider the best “holiday” of the year, The Pheasant Opener! 

I’ve lived in South Dakota my entire life, so I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in this “holiday” weekend for many years.  Since moving to Pierre, SD, from my hometown of Hurley, SD, my annual routine has changed a bit as I now hunt with my in-laws and some close friends near Presho, SD.  The point of the hunt is still the same though; have fun, make sure your buddy knows when he misses and be safe! 

With over 5 million acres of public hunting land and undoubtedly the highest number of wild pheasants per square mile, South Dakotais primed for another great hunting season.  Enjoy and safe hunting!



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2 responses to “A South Dakota Tradition!

  1. Jeff

    Sounds Great…been out Pheasant hunting in South Dakota three times in the past. What a place to hunt the best upland bird there is. I can’t wait until I come back out West again. Jeff / Maryland

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