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Biking in Spearfish Canyon

Combining breathtaking scenery and serenity, Spearfish Canyon is one of South Dakota’s most beautiful locations.

The area known as Spearfish Canyon within Black Hills National Forest consists of unique limestone palisades clad in an array of plant life, and is home to deer, mountain goats, and countless species of birds.

Spearfish Canyon is the ultimate destination for an outdoor enthusiast looking for their next mountain biking adventure.

Within Spearfish Canyon there is a wide variety of mountain biking trails. Whether you are bringing your own mountain bike or renting one from nearby, following one of the designated trails you are guaranteed to see some of Spearfish Canyon’s most idyllic areas. Bikers will enjoy ambitious inclines, daring switchbacks and the thrill of being flanked by sheer limestone cliffs.

Roughlock Trail

Roughlock Falls

Roughlock Falls

For those looking to see the highlights of Spearfish Canyon but don’t have the luxury of time, I encourage you to bike Roughlock Trail. It is an accessible one-mile trail that covers the best of Spearfish Canyon. Winding through a variety of flowers and never ending forests, Roughlock Trail brings stunning views of Roughlock Falls.

Little Spearfish & Rimrock Trails

Designed for mountain biking, Little Spearfish Trail features spectacular views of Little Spearfish Creek, a fly-fishing mecca, and is accompanied by breath-taking views of limestone cliffs.Rimrock Trail is sectioned into two parts: a “lower” 3.5 mile loop and “upper” 4.5 mile loop. Rimrock Trail offers scenes of stunning lanscape and is a hot-spot to see various bird species.

A a great view from Spearfish Canyon!

Roughlock Trail, Little Spearfish, and Rimrock Trail are just of the many different mountain biking trails within Spearfish Canyon. If mountain biking isn’t your cup of tea, the majority of Spearfish Canyon trails are also walking, hiking, and horseback riding trails.
To ensure your safety make sure you wear a bike helmet when riding through Spearfish Canyon, have a water bottle, and if riding alone let someone know your path.

For more information on outdoor recreation opportunities in Spearfish Canyon visit the city of Spearfish website.

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South Dakota Triathlons

As the summer heats up, so do the triathlon competitions in South Dakota. Our shorter summers allow just enough time for utilizing our beautiful bodies of water for the swim portion, not to mention utilizing our own bodies for competition.

Some of the triathlons are easy to register for and provide a great place to start for the beginning tri-athlete. The courses in South Dakota vary from full Olympic courses to sprint courses, and some are based on whatever distance is available for a good tri-course, i.e. not your standard race but fun nonetheless.

Here is a good link for a full list of Tri’s in South Dakota:

Not all of the triathlons are listed here, so if you know of one not listed please send a comment to me. I will be sure to post the event.

Ready your swim caps and get that spandex stretched out, it’s tri-time.

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Top 10 Spring Things to Experience in South Dakota

Spring is an amazing time of year.  Cabin fever is running high, and people just can’t wait to get outside.  Here is a list of my favorite outdoor activities to experience this spring. 

10.  South Dakota Events:  While not all spring events are centered around the great outdoors, there are many that bring visitors outside to experience history, culture and great South Dakota hospitality. 
Great Events

9.  State Parks:  Beautiful, scerene, peaceful.  Need I say more?
Parks and Recreation Areas

8.  Golf:  While snow continues to blanket much of the state, our golf courses are just itching to open up.  Don’t forget the clubs on your next trip to South Dakota. 
Golf Course Guide

7.  Hunting:  Spring geese and turkeys are ubundant in South Dakota.  Great time to enjoy the outdoors.
Spring Hunting

6.  Paddling:  Pristine lakes and powerful rivers await canoeing/kayaking enthusiasts in South Dakota. 
Canoeing/Kayaking in South Dakota

5.  Birding/Wildlife Watching:  This is a fun activity for the novice or experience wildlife watcher.  Amazing opportunties and unbelievable wildlife await!

4.  Outdoor Photography:  Again, for photographers of all experience levels.  This makes for a great day outside, and can be coupled with other activities. 
Outdoor Photography

3.  Hiking:  Whether you take on the challenge of the Badlands or Black Elk Wilderness Area, or just venture out into the many state parks, hiking can be as educational as it is healthy. 
Hiking the State Parks

2.  Biking:  The Mickelson Trail provides bikers with an easy to moderate ride and scenery that can’t be beat.  The state parks aren’t bad either.
Mickelson Trail
Biking in South Dakota

1.  Fishing:  I love to fish!  Since the season never closes in South Dakota, it’s always fun to enjoy open water fishing after ice out.  Trout, walleye, bass, northern, salmon, catfish, the list goes on and on. 






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